Stained Glass is the most powerful content in the App Store today. It has the power of engaging gamers and the next generation with content that is transformative. It will not only entertain, but will inspire and change lives.
— Sam Rodriguez, President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
Lightside always produces entertaining and engaging games about the Scripture and God. Stained Glass is in the same captivating mold. You can learn about key accounts of the Scripture and be challenged to reflect on those accounts as you play the game. So enjoy the journey.
— Darrell Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary
What if you could take all the fun of a super popular game and combine it with learning about the truth and the mysteries in the Bible? A new game, Stained Glass, gives Catholics an opportunity to learn the Word of God using the beautiful artwork that have brought beauty to our churches for centuries. Like previous Lightside releases, the Spanish version is a guaranteed success.
— Alejandro Bermudez, Director, ACI Presna
We have a commitment to continue a legacy of establishing and guiding people in their journey towards God. As the needs of our members expand, we aim to equip them with relevant solutions. Stained Glass is a solution. Stained Glass presents the stories of the Bible in a beautiful way with music and colorful scenes to enjoy. The Stained Glass game is scripturally inspired and entertaining. I endorse this game as spiritually uplifting entertainment.
— Dr. George O. Wood, General Superintendent, General Council of the Assemblies of God
Stained Glass is truly a revolution in the making. Lightside is putting the gospel into the hands of millions around the world in one of the most innovative ways that I’ve ever seen - a video game! It brings the Bible to life for so many who might otherwise never experience the wonder of His-story.
— Jack W Hayford, Founding Pastor, The Church On The Way, Founder-Chancellor, The King's University
I am excited to see Stained Glass hit the App Store and Google Play. Lightside has set a new standard for creating biblically authentic, compelling games that are fun and produced with excellence. I believe that Stained Glass will make a big impact on the App Store culture - it will never be the same!
— Pastor Chris Hayward, President, Cleansing Stream Ministries
At OneHope we know it’s imperative to speak the language of your audience, and Lightside—through games like Stained Glass—is doing a great job of developing apps that speak the language children and youth have come to expect.
— Rob Hoskins, President, OneHope
The innovation of Stained Glass as an evangelism vehicle has the capability to reach a virtually untapped missions field of millions around the world with The Gospel! We highly encourage others to join us in participating with this effort.
— Jeff Pieper, Leadership Development, Luis Palau Association/Next Generation Alliance
I have three children, and I’ll admit that I’m sometimes concerned about what is literally only a finger-tap away from their eyes and minds. It thrills me to see that Stained Glass is coming to bring a Christian presence to the world of mobile devices. This game is almost like a church-plant in the App Store, with a potential weekly attendance of 500 million and growing!
— Tim Clark, Senior Pastor, The Church On The Way
As a United Methodist pastor I am committed to finding creative ways of sharing the Gospel. Stained Glass is truly captivating, with engaging storytelling and eye-catching graphics, but more importantly, it is so much more than just aesthetically appealing game: it is evangelistic!
— Jim Preisig, Sr Pastor, The Summit United Methodist Church
Stained Glass is a unique way for people to play God’s Story. This is a beautiful, engaging game that can bring God’s truth to countless people around the world. The Light shines in the darkness.
— Terry Inman, Sr Pastor, Harbor Light Assemblies of God Chruch
I love what Lightside Games is doing to disrupt the current gaming culture with light!
— Andy Mason, Director, Global Transformation Institute
I wouldn’t have thought a game could do so much to remind us that Jesus walked this earth of ours, involved himself with real people, and lived with both life’s dailyness and its dramas. ‘Journey of Jesus: The Calling’ is marvelous precisely because it’s more than a game.
— Pastor Jack Hayford, Jack Hayford Ministries
Brent Dusing is doing absolutely amazing things for the Kingdom in creating these awesome Facebook games that are not only fun for the family, but tell the incredible truth of God’s love of us. He is a legend in my book.
— Reverend Mark Brown President, Global Scope Ministries
Journey of Jesus: The Calling is a wonderful way to go where people are and so delightfully engage them in the times and life of Jesus Christ.
— Pastor Chris Hayward, President of Cleansing Stream Ministries
The Bible online in any form is the power of community pointing to the power of the Body in Christ. Here’s to the cutting-edge thinking—games!—to bring people together online, in person, and in Christ.
— Aaron Tabor, CEO of Jesus Daily
This is what we’ve been waiting for: social gaming with spiritual awareness. Yes, it’s fun. It’s also something close to a three-dimensional idea of people, places and things in Jesus’ time. Lightside delivers a good use of gaming time, and we are pleased to endorse Journey of Jesus: The Calling by awarding it our Dove ‘Family-Approved’ Seal for All Ages.
— Dick Rolfe CEO, The Dove Foundation
When we say technology affects economics, business, social and political systems, we mean it affects lives in ways from very large to very small. We’re partnering with Journey of Jesus: The Calling because it affects lives in ways most important: using fun to expose players to what matters and Who matters.
— Walt Wilson Founder and Chairman, Global Media Outreach

player Testimonials

"This game really makes a difference in peoples' lives."

Stained Glass is a great game that truly inspires. Really beautiful, perfect for kids and adults alike. Wonderful way to teach the stories of the bible.
— Mark, United States
I play Noah’s Ark and Journey of Jesus. Both games have reminded me of the Bible that I read every day. I don’t always remember the verses so when I see one in JOJ I have to question it. It’s been right each time. And with Noah, I’ve gotten a kick out of the animals. These are fun and informative games.
— Frank, United States
When I started playing Journey of Jesus I had fought breast cancer twice, and was not in a good state with the Lord. My faith was restored and I began to see that I could help others by sharing the games with them. I am reaching out to so many now by making the Noah’s Ark Fanpage Pictures. I was again struck with cancer this year and by the grace of God I am cancer free. I know a lot of it has to do with the group and how we pray for each other.
— Cindy, United States
The LightSide games have introduced me to people who are in different stages in their walk with God that I am able to pray with and ask for prayer from. They have given me an opportunity to be a witness for Christ to those who do not know Him at all. The games have become another connection between me and my mother who also plays the games. The games have led to biblical conversations between me, my husband, sons, colleagues and friends., which as strengthened my faith.
— Catherine, United Arab Emirates

In The News


"The world also saw it's first Jesus video game." 


We basically try to put the story in terms children can connect with and understand, even at a very young age they can learn and walk away with something,’ Dusing explained.
— Catholic News Agency
Some people learn by hearing, some by reading, and others by doing. Playing is doing. We find so many people learn the stories of [the] Bible through playing the game.
— ChristianPost.com

"Lightside Games announce the release of 'Journey Of Jesus: The Calling,' which it called the first-ever video game based on the life of Jesus."


SearchforJesus.net, the Internet Evangelism ministry of The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is also partnering with Lightside Games. Users will have the opportunity during their play to click on PeacewithGod.net to see a clear presentation of the Gospel and make a decision to accept Christ.
— Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
If you want to give your kids a game they’ll remember, you can teach them to use birds to shoot pigs, or you can teach them the Bible,’ Dusing said. In his view, the game will help in “building bridges” between parents and kids, friends and neighbors, and Christians and non-Christians.
— Catholic News Agency
In Journey of Jesus, players travel with Jesus through the Gospels, exploring the world of the Holy Land in that day. From the politics and history, gamers can get an education along the way. They must work together with friends to crate a community and collaborate. “We think it’s definitely going to open conversations about faith,” organizers say.
— Time Magazine.com
In this story-driven game, players have tons of small maps to meet with different NPCs, talk with them and receive various quests. Anyone feels hungry and you collect fish and vegetables and make a stew or collect pomegranates. If one feels cold, you collect wood by chopping logs and dead trees and start a fire to make him or her warm. Your friend’s son is getting married and you go to lighten the lamps, set the tables and fluff the pillows.
— DotMMO

"I don't take these things lightly. I believe very firmly there is a place ... for Christian computer games that provide entertainment and education together."

-Timothy Dalrymple, Managing Editor, Evangelical Portal Patheos

Journey of Jesus: The Calling is actually a pretty unique, enjoyable experience … compared to other faith-based games I’ve seen, it’s very cool indeed.
— Focus on the Family
The feedback has really been phenomenal. I just think there’s a lot of people who are really hungry for this, that’s what our players tell us,’ Dusing said.
— Catholic News Agency
Facebook users can now walk the in the footsteps of Jesus during his time on Earth with the new online game titled ‘Journey of Jesus: The Calling.’
— Christian Post
Journey of Jesus: The Calling.” … which launches today, takes players through the Messiah’s footsteps, as they get an “authentic experience of Israel in Christ’s time.
— TheBlaze.com

"Both games immerse the player, and you are what you eat,' 
Lightside CEO, Brent Dusing" 

 Escapist Magazine

In Journey of Jesus, players search for articles and artifacts as they explore a colorful, cartoony version of biblical Israel. The company plans to release new chapters, “ideas and information and challenges” each week.
— Entertainment Weekly
On the heels of its widely-popular “The Journey of Moses” Facebook game, Lightside Games is venturing into historic territory by creating the first-ever video game based on the life of Jesus.
— Catholic News Agency
Lightside has unveiled a new video campaign that asks a key question: “Do Games Matter?”
— The Blaze