player Testimonials

"This game really makes a difference in peoples' lives."

Stained Glass is a great game that truly inspires. Really beautiful, perfect for kids and adults alike. Wonderful way to teach the stories of the bible.
— Mark, United States
I play Noah’s Ark and Journey of Jesus. Both games have reminded me of the Bible that I read every day. I don’t always remember the verses so when I see one in JOJ I have to question it. It’s been right each time. And with Noah, I’ve gotten a kick out of the animals. These are fun and informative games.
— Frank, United States
When I started playing Journey of Jesus I had fought breast cancer twice, and was not in a good state with the Lord. My faith was restored and I began to see that I could help others by sharing the games with them. I am reaching out to so many now by making the Noah’s Ark Fanpage Pictures. I was again struck with cancer this year and by the grace of God I am cancer free. I know a lot of it has to do with the group and how we pray for each other.
— Cindy, United States
The LightSide games have introduced me to people who are in different stages in their walk with God that I am able to pray with and ask for prayer from. They have given me an opportunity to be a witness for Christ to those who do not know Him at all. The games have become another connection between me and my mother who also plays the games. The games have led to biblical conversations between me, my husband, sons, colleagues and friends., which as strengthened my faith.
— Catherine, United Arab Emirates